Thea had the pleasure of the Hamilton vintage car club visiting the factory on Sunday! She really enjoyed meeting them all and telling them about our journey from fishing, farming to cheese making. These were the delicious tasting platters, Thea, Sue and Skye made for everyone to try! Yum!!! …, mozzarella with tomato & basil & Yoghurt with strawberries & blue berries!!!

Thank you!


Hello everyone …. just want to say a massive thankyou to you all. Your comments and support really do mean the world to us. We make the cheese and yoghurt here from the milk of our own buffalo. Its then sent off into the world… Most of it goes straight to a distributor, so what state, town store it will end up in is often unknown to us. If you LOVE our products and would like to see your local store stock it, please ask the store if they can get it in for you. Calendar cheese company in Melbourne is the main distributor and chances are your local already orders cheese/dairy from them anyway or one of their state distributors. Again thanks so much for continuing to help us produce awesome cheese and yoghurt and do what we love doing! xox Amy … PS, Photo is from Port Fairy Summer Markets, Jazmin & Thea Royal with Sue and Roger Haldane ( aka Mum & Dad, who had the dream and courage to bring buffalo from Italy to start making buffalo cheeses in Australia, nearly 20 years ago)


Ok so we’ve been listening and working on ways to help our customers who love our yoghurt but have been finding it hard to source in shops. We’re really excited to announce that Woolworths have taken a big order of our buffalo yoghurt last week.Likely it will be in stores in QLD, Vic, NSW and SA, so please look out for it on the shelves! Love to hear from you if you spot it in your local supie. Will be posting more info on the yoghurt including recipes over the coming weeks. If you don’t have a woolies nearby please don’t worry , the yoghurt will still be available in all your favourite independent stores along with the rest of the Shaw River Buffalo cheese range! Have an awesome day everyone …. Amy