Our herd of Milking Buffalo are rather unique in status. Since the outbreak of Mad Cow disease throughout Europe we remain the only the source of purebred Italian Milking Buffalo which can supply disease free animals to the world market.

We are Australia’s ONLY PUREBRED Italian/Riverine Buffalo herd.

We only supply Milking Buffalo to overseas markets.

With our many years of combined experience with logistics, quarantine and protocols for the importation and export of various livestock, we look forward to helping you with your export enquiries . Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

Since the 1970’s the family has been involved with importing and exporting livestock.

angora goats from Texas & SAfrica
Boer goats from Sth Africa
Karakall sheep from the USA
Alpacas, (Suri & huacaya), Llamas & paca-vicuna from Chile, Peru, USA
Milking Buffalo from Bulgaria, Italy
Icelandic horses from Denmark, Germany, Iceland

Milking Buffalo to Chile, Sth Africa, Japan, China, New Zealand
Icelandic Horses to New Zealand
Alpacas to USA

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